2017-06-18 06:59 #0 by: Nerf Herder

This category is called "fans and other people". This is a category where you can talk about maybe friends you've made because you're both fans, or if you've been to any fanmeetups or similar. Maybe a convention where you met fellow Star Wars fans. 

However, and this is something I have encountered online unfortunately, this is not in any way some sort of contest of who has been a fan the longest or who is the biggest fan. It's not a competition to love Star Wars. Period. And no one is better than someone else because they saw the movie first, or have seen it the most times, or own the most merchandise. 

I once had a girl send me a private message on a forumboard for movies etc, in which she was literally crying over something that had been said to her in a thread and she wanted to leave the forum completely. She was 16 years old, and hadn't encountered the world of Star Wars until the year before, and the first three movies she saw were episodes I-III. Not having a greater knowledge for the franchise she thought they had those names not because they were prequels, but because they came first.

Because of this, a man in his 50's had the audacity to call her out on it, saying she was a terrible fan, saying that "well I saw the original movie in the theaters in 1977" and other very rude and belittling things. And honestly, what was she supposed to have done? Time-traveled back to the 70's so she could watch the movies when they came out?

I personally am sad that I never got a chance to watch the old movies on the big screen, but that's just the way life goes. 

The point of this story is do not behave like that rude old man on this site, ever! That is one of the most disliked things in communities like this because something like Star Wars should bring us fans together, and everyone should feel included.

I hope of course it will never be the case here. But if it does happen I will be giving out a strong warning because we want to share our love for the franchise here. We want to learn. We want to come together and make friends and have exciting conversations. Spread joy!

Thank you for your time. :)