2017-06-16 06:43 #0 by: Nerf Herder

It is against the law to post copyrighted images directly onto the site. If you want to include an image in your post, either make sure it's not protected by copyright (a good source for such images are Pixbay, but that's just an example, I'm sure you can find others. If you wish to post an image protected by copyright you can do so by posting a link to the image and not upload it directly to this site. 

For example, here's a cool image from Star Wars!

Any images protected by copyright will be deleted, and a warning will be sent to the poster. Don't worry though, we all make mistakes so I want yell at you if you post an image you're not supposed to. It's just to remind you of the rules to make sure you - nor I - get in trouble!

If you have any questions regarding this, don't hesitate to ask! If I'm not sure of the answer I will pass it along to the Gods of savvity (or, in other words, the founders Smug).