2017-06-16 08:48 #0 by: Nerf Herder

First of all, the general rules of conduct of Savvity applies on this site just like on all sites. Please make sure you follow the link to read them. And also, these rules still apply whether you've read them or not, so I'd suggest you do...

Link to the general rules of conduct of Savvity.

Rules specific for this site:

  • You must not break any laws when posting on this site.
  • You are not allowed to call people names or treat them badly.
  • If you observe someone breaking a rule, let me know, do not tell them off yourself.
  • People are allowed to have different opinions, do not belittle someone because they don't share yours.
  • You are not allowed to post any personal information about another user which can reveal their real life identity (such as name, adress, pictures, etc).
  • Do not ridicule someone else's opinion.
  • Discrimination is NOT allowed. 1
  • Do not threat anyone or act threatening towards anyone.
  • You are not allowed to post private conversations on this site without consent from anyone involved.
  • You are not allowed to post copyrighted images to the site.

1: This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. It is not tolerated and you will be permanently banned.

What happens if you break a rule?

In general I don't want to have to suspend anyone from the site, so in most cases you will simply receive a warning to stop whatever behavior you're displaying. If it's something more severe, like calling someone names or being aggressive, the posts will be deleted and a strong warning will be given or if it's bad enough you'll be suspended from the site. How long that suspension lasts depends on what caused me to suspend you in the first place. 

As the admin of this site I reserve the right to suspend anyone without warning or an explanation if I deem it severe enough for it. 

Let's keep this site happy!